The experience of violin recording in a studio


My first studio recordings were in 2000 when I recorded a demo CD. It was something new and interesting, and I had a greater desire to continue my work.

In 2005 the author’s CD “My dream” was recorded (my songs accompanied by a violin). In 2007 “Jazz violin duet” was recorded, a jazz CD disk for two violins, together with Emil Kunin. I had enough sufficient experience in studio for being a session musician.

The skills that help me to work in recording studios

  • high sound quality of a bow 
  • high quality of purity of intonation 
  • maximum expression 
  • variety of tones and timbres 
  • playing by ear 
  • improvisation 
  • ability to edit musical material which is not written by violinists 
  • ability to make arrangements for violin

Recording of orchestral parts

Recording of orchestral parts (6-8 violins) is an interesting experience. To create a harmonious sound using several instruments at once, you can not only play different violins, but also change a timbre on an instrument with

  • vibrations
  • bow strokes
  • fingering

Recording violin from afar

Modern Internet technologies allow transferring of audio files with high quality of recording.

If you want

  • to record a violin for a song
  • to make arrangement of a violin part for ensemble and to record it
  • to record a violin group of an orchestra

– you don’t have to look for a musician and a recording studio in your city, you can contact us.

A live violin sound, high-quality audio equipment and expert sound technicians will take your music to a worldwide level.


Examples of Aliza Keren’s work at recording studio

  • Recording violin parts for song
  • Recording orchestra parts for the children’s play
  • Jerusalem. The West Wall. My Freilah

Recording studios

Studio Recommendations
Amit Ben Atar

I met Aliza 13 years ago at a random studio work.
We started working together, and the rest is history.
It is one of the finest violinists, with sensitivity to sound, an amazing musical taste.
She plays in variety of styles including folk, jazz, modern, classical and orchestral.
Beyond her musical abilities, she is a charming, smiling and patient woman at work. She will always give her opinions, attempting to improve the work as if it were hers.
Warmly recommend to anyone who asks.
Oov studio

Aliza – professional, kind, has rare and unique sound and emotion. My first choice when I need a violin for production.
Alon Hilel

Pitch Perfect Productions

Aliza Keren