Violin concerts

About Keren Aliza Project

Keren Aliza Project is a new violin project, founded in 2017 by violinist and composer Aliza Keren. Keren Aliza means “A ray of joy” in translation from Hebrew.
It’s music for the soul, which will take you into a wonderful world and give you positive emotions and harmony.

Listen to Keren Aliza Project’s violin concerts and enjoy

  • Music composed by Aliza Keren
  • Golden hits of world music
  • Songs for meditation and healing

We offer to producers, organizations, festivals and individuals our concerts:
– performances at festivals
– business party
– home concerts
– cooperation with singers
– other

Various businesses are invited for joint projects in the field of advertising.

Musicians & programs

Participate Program description
Keren Aliza Project - jazz quartet

  • Jazz quartet
  • Aliza Keren – violin
  • Tal Babizky – piano
  • Alon Hilel – bass
  • Anatoly Magdalinsky – drums
  • Aliza Keren’s original compositions:
    • – jazz
    • – songs without words
    • – dance music
    • – jewish music
Violin, guitar, drums

  • Trio
  • Aliza Keren – violin
  • Michael Soud – guitar
  • Anatoly Magdalinsky – drums
  • – Golden hits of world light and dance music
  • – Jewish music
Concert for children

  • Aliza Keren – violin
  • Emil Golod – piano
    • Musical program for children “Ma kinor yodea”
    • – classical music
    • – dancing music
    • – jewish music

  • Aliza Keren – violin, bells
  • Different ensembles of musicians
    • Music for meditation and healing

Concert schedule

Date Place Program Notes Tickets
3.02.2018 Givat Zeev Music composed by Aliza Keren Buy
2018 Place Programm Programm Programm Programm Buy
2018 Place Programm Programm Programm Programm Купить


Video reviews

Where do we play? Our projects began as home concerts in a cozy atmosphere and since attracted the sincere interest of the listeners.

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